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                                       FOUND AT THE POUND:

                                A Senior Romance Featuring 2 Dog Lovers






In this sweet, clean, senior romance, you'll find a widower still mourning

the loss of his wife and vowing to never take a second chance at love.


You'll also find a bestselling author who has yet to find a man who lives up

to the heroes in her novels.


They both meet at a dog shelter. 


It's no coincidence that the dog named Buster in this novel is very much like Morgan's own dog!




You might call my books chick lit, fiction, romantic comedy, clean sweet romance, or contemporary romance. No matter what the label, they all have a happy ever after in common. Along with that, they tend to be fast-paced, poignant and heartwarming, because that's what I enjoy reading.


​Many years ago, my Dad  would take me and my brothers on library excursions. We'd always return with a huge stack of books. One of my favorites was CINDERELLA. I loved that book so much that when the writing bug bit me, I decided to create my own modern day Cinderella story. That's how GIRL OF MY DREAMS was born.​

What  inspired me to write HER HANDYMAN was, of all things, a problem with a running toilet. Neither my husband nor I are handy when it comes to plumbing, so we had to rely on a friend to solve our dilemma. In HER HANDYMAN, Zoe, though a talented artist, is helpless when it comes to household emergencies. Fortunately for her, Jake was only a phone call away.   


After that, I felt sorry for one of the characters in HER HANDYMAN, and decided that she, too, deserved a happy ending. That's how A PERFECT ANGEL was born.    AND THERE'S MORE...




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